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City Clerk
  • Application to Serve on Board Commission
  • Application for Employment

  • Application for Youth Employment
  • No Visitation List Application
  • Request to Speak at Council Meeting Form
  • Selective Service System Board Member Application - Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual - Chapter 520
  • Selective Service System Board Member Information Booklet
  • Public Records Request


  • Title VI Complaint Form
  • ADA Procedures
  • ADA Complaint Form
  • Application for Reduced Fare-Senior
  • Application for Reduced Fare-Due to Disability

    Planning and Zoning

  • Building Permit Application
  • Commercial Permit Application
  • Electric Permit Application
  • Fence Permit Application
  • Plumbing/Mechanical Permit Application
  • Siding-Roofing Permit Application
  • Temp Use Permit Application
  • Sign Permit Application


  • Solar Net Metering & Interconnection Applications

  • New Commercial Business Utility Application
  • New Residential Customer Utility Application


  • The MARC Reservation Form
  • Wedding Event Reserveration Form
  • The MARC Use Regulations

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