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Public Works

The Mt. Vernon Public Works Department is comprised of the Water Department, Street Department, and the Sewer Collection Department. It is staffed by seven full-time employees.

Water Department
Water is supplied by seven deep wells and four elevated storage towers with a capacity of 1,650,000 gallons. Average usage is approximately 950,000 gallons per day. This provides the city with the required capacity and adequate reserves for fire protection. The Water Department is responsible for system maintenance, meter installation, water connections, and meter reading.

Sewer Collection Department
The Sewer Collection Department is responsible for new sewer taps and maintenance of sewer mains. The Collection system consists of 600 manholes and 150,000 feet of sewer mains. Currently the city operates a high pressure water-jet equipped with camera equipment. This allows the crews to clean sewer mains or free obstructions, as well as the ability to videotape the condition of the main.

Street Department
The Street Department is responsible for all street and directional signs, pavement maintenance, storm water drains, and snow removal.

If you are planning to do any digging on your property, please contact 1-800-DIG-RITE. We encourage you to stay safe and clear of underground utilities.

For more information, you may contact Roger Owens, Public Works Supervisor,or Joe Kelly, Director of Public Works at (417) 466-2122 or

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