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City Committees

Mt. Vernon has several committees to help serve you.

2020 Committee Assignments

Airport Review Committee
Lowell Phillips, Chairman
Craig Nelson
Scott Beckley

Public Works/Street Committee
Lowell Phillips, Chairman
Scott Beckley
Steve Fairchild

Board of Adjustments
Paul Smith
Paul Brockman
Liz Pearson

Board of Alderman
Jason Haymes, Mayor - All Committees
Dallas Gramm(Ward 1) - Finance
Scott Beckley (Ward 1) - Airport, Personnel, Public Works/streets
Sue Lee (Ward 2) - Finance, MARC
Sherie Thrasher(Ward 2) -Parks & Recreation, MARC
Steve Fairchild(Ward 3) - Personnel, Public Works/Streets
Marda Gramm(Ward 3) - Personnel,Finance, MARC
Craig Nelson(Ward 4) - Airport, Parks & Recreation
Lowell Phillips(Ward 4) - Public Works/Streets, Airport, Parks & Recreation

Parks Committee
Lowell Phillips, Chairman
Sherie Thrasher
Craig Nelson

Planning & Zoning Commission
Dennis Thrasher, Chairman
Rick Fobair, Vice-Chairman
Paula Brockwell, Secretary
Jason Haymes, Mayor
Donald Rogers
Dallas Gramm
Brent Simkins

Sue Lee, Chairman
Dallas Gramm
Marda Gramm

Steve Fairchild, Chairman
Scott Beckley
Marda Gramm

Sherie Thrasher, Chairman
Marda Gramm
Sue Lee

Industrial Development Authority
Steve Fairchild
Jim Schoen
Michael Baker
Peggy Flippin
Derick Barnes
John Bennett

Enhanced Enterprise Zone Board
Bob Walster
Paul Brockman
Jan Vaughn
Bill Craig
David Botts
Nathan Schoen
James Dunn

Board of Alderman

Board of Alderman Meeting Minutes

City Committees

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